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Edward Pearlman: Writing

WIPs (Works In Progress)


Latest novel: completed, undergoing revisions and commentary from readers… more info available, when appropriate, will be sent to those who are on my author’s email list.

Instructional book to help people of all levels learn fiddle/violin, encapsulating decades of unique teaching methods, some of which is available through fiddle-online.com

Audiobook for Franck’s Wild Ride features 4 readers: voices of a white and black woman, and a white and black man. This was interrupted by the pandemic.

The Little Red Hen (the Real Story) still waiting for the right illustrations. A retold fairy tale for all ages. If you were ever disappointed, as our kids were, about this story, you’ll enjoy this version! Very authentic, taken directly from the scratchings of Long Yellow Goose, Mother Goose’s daughter. The traditional story of a selfish red hen was jotted down by a hasty Mother Goose in a hurry for a scoop. Now it’s time for the real story!