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Edward Pearlman: Writing

Rooted in the Scottish music tradition but branching into other styles, these tunes were composed over the course of 40 years of immersion in music & dance by Ed, Laura, Neil, Lillie & Jesse Pearlman.

Each tune has a story to it! Indexes at the back list tunes by type, key, and by recording. Many have become popular at concerts, dances,  on CDs, videos, & YouTube.

Access to audio is included for purchasers of this book!

150 airs, marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs, hornpipes, slow reels, polkas and waltzes, tunes in bagpipe notation, tunes in 7/8, 9/8, 11/8, a freilach, a hambo  – something for everyone!

Intro material includes ideas by Neil about the chording.

The Pine Street Collection:

Original Tunes 1981-2021

Spiral bound, 7x9, cream paper, 175 pp (also on Kindle)

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